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Here are 12 words that I felt drop into my heart for this coming year. No, I did not plan 12 words. But as I typed them out, I realized that there were 12. So here’s my little goal list for 2012. Not much of a resolution list but its a list.


Pull out the dusty journals of my life that I’ve stored away, dreams and all. This year, ask God to reawaken dreams that have been shelved and dreams that have died. Ideas that had once been exploding inside that I’ve found dampened, expectations that I’ve found killed – 2012 is time to reawaken and rediscover hope.

Kingdom City has stated that 2012’s theme is Strength. But beyond a church theme, I really want this to be my personal theme. Above all the other words in this list, strength is one thing I really want to have.
                        Physical strength – exercise, eat healthy, sleep well
Mental strength – in Proverbs it says that one must study to show thyself worthy; I want to memorize better, read more consistently, and use my mind for more than what I’ve used it in the past.
Emotional strength – I’m a sucker in this area. Definitely need building here!
Spiritual strength – to know God more intimately, to read, know, embrace and understand the Bible, to carry God’s fragrance even more evidently than before, become a worshiper from the heart, to love God for real

I barely understand God’s grace and I still get amazed when people show me grace but one thing I want to be better in is showing grace to others. I’ve watched people who aren’t Christians show grace so much better than I ever have and if indeed I want to carry God’s fragrance even better this year, then I should be a better agent of grace.

For someone with super a short attention span, this has been a challenge. Focusing on something instead of everything. I want to be able to start well and end even better. I want to enjoy the journey but ensure I finish what I begin. I want to remain focused on what I need to do instead of get distracted halfway and then do whatever I started halfheartedly.

This is self-explanatory I think. I want to see growth in all the areas listed here.

Rediscover childish wonder. I want to be able to be awed and amazed by even the simplest things.  I refuse to allow people to tell me I’m just easily amused. I want to be easily amused.

This ties a lot with focus. Regardless of the fact that I’m going to be having my hand in a whole lot of different things this year, I want to be able to carry on the same passion from one thing to another. Not to treat anything less than another. To flow would mean, I’d be able to carry life into every area of work, play, study, relationships, etc.

I want to expand my borders. Literally, I want to explore more of the world. This doesn’t just mean to travel to foreign lands, but even to experience new things, places, cultures right here in my own backyard. I will continue my coffee/cafĂ© adventures in the light of this of course!

To be intentional about everything I do. I do not want to just jump into things for the sake of doing something. From whom I go out with to what I eat for dinner to what I’m allowing my students to watch to what I buy at the grocery store to the movies I watch, I want to be intentional. I do not want to be mindless.

If strength was to be my 2012 personal theme, create will be my project. This year I want to squeeze every ounce of creativity out of me. This doesn’t just mean I want to design more things or make better postcards; I want to see me do everything more creatively. Find creative options for everything. My words have the power to create. I want to create environments for people to thrive in.

Of all the above, this will hold it all together. Discipline. This has been my downfall my whole life. I’ve tried hard to be a lot of things, that didn’t help. I tried being more spiritual, that obviously failed. I tried to be more focused, that won’t work – not without discipline. If I cultivated proper discipline in my life, all the 10 points above will flow ever so beautifully.

This has to be the key to everything. Without love, it’ll all be meaningless. We all know this. I know this. So in 2012, everything I do must be done out of love; to have a servant heart and serve in love.


This is going to be a fully amazing year; I am excited for it. 

I also still am looking out for more coffee dates, and also looking for more people to send-and-receive postcards from.

Happy New Year everyone! Have the best 2012 you can imagine!

sj xoxo

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