Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Some thoughts about Clay.

Hah! It's 1:08am and I'm still awake. Not really by choice to be honest but I've been busy...

I had a go a clay-making, pottery or whatever it is you'd call it. I bought some air-dry clay at the store tonight and I thought I was going to leave it packaged till another day when I had more energy and time to play around with it, until I saw a huge tear in the corner of the pack that had some clay exposed. My immediate response was to start working on it and I'm pretty sure God had it all in His mind for this to happen. Guess so He could share a little bit more of Himself with me...

So here are 8 lessons about God I'd learnt from my first clay-making attempt.

1. The maker has the end in mind.
Funny, looking at a plain, unmolded piece of clay - the possibilities are endless. I could've made ANYTHING but I had a plan and I knew exactly what I wanted this piece of clay to look like. I bought this clay for a purpose and I was going to get it to look like that no matter what.
I love this. So reminded about Romans 8:28, Jeremiah 29:11, Psalm 138:13-18 and a host of other verses in the Bible that tells me that God has a plan. He's always had this plan. He knows the end of my story and even though all I may look to Him now is a really crappy piece of clay, He's got some serious strategies as to how He's going to get me to look exactly like what He knows I will look like.

2. Clay has a mind of it's own.
No kidding! When attempting to make this chunk of clay, to shape it and design it into what I wanted, and just when I thought I had it sorted, it goes and cracks up here and there.
I attempt to run my life more often than not and go off and try to move God to where I am instead of moving to where He is.

3. Clay is mold-able, as long as it remains wet.
Ha. Thankfully so. Or else I'd have had to throw the clay out and started over with a new chunk. But for as long as it was still wet and I still had water to add to it, I could reshape it however I wanted.
Ha, thankfully, as a piece of clay, all I have to be is mold-able. As long as I allow Him to pour His spirit into me, the water of life, He can keep molding and remolding to His hearts content.

4. Patience required.
Oh indeed much patience was required. It was pretty darn annoying when the clay kept going out of shape or when it cracked up in places I didn't need it to but I had to be patient and slowly add more water, add a little bit more clay and keep working at it.
Patience required, not just by the Maker but my the clay too. At times, it really doesn't make sense. Especially in the waiting season. Dang, it's tough! But molding the clay today reminded me that it sometimes may take longer than I'd imagine (seriously, took 1 1/2 hours on this lump of clay today) and as a piece of clay I can only be patient and wait on the Maker to make me beautiful in His time.

5. The maker won't give up.
No matter what the clay attempted to do, I was just determined to see this through. I wanted to do this and I was going to do it. Even if I had to break it all up and start over.
Wooh. Isn't that so relieving to know. Because I certainly forget all the previous points too often. So knowing this, is really a boost to my sense of security and worth.

6. The maker could start over if necessary.
True this! If at all this lump of clay was going seriously out of shape and was really all too messed up, I could've just rolled it all up and started over.
I know I for one hate this idea the most. Start over? Sounds painful. BUT I'm sure on a restart there's more possibility that it'll look a lot better.

7. It may not be 'perfect' but it will still be beautiful in the end.
At the end of the day, it will be beautiful. It may not be super perfect but the maker will love anything it makes. Obviously. How can I not love what I just made? I can't stop looking at it. I can't wait for it to dry so I can continue working on it, to paint it and make it even more beautiful.
I like this. I like that it's all going to make sense in the end. It surely has to anyways. That's what the finale is for. My life is not a horror movie that leaves you hanging in the end... it's a love-story that ends beautifully.

8. The maker loves showing off.
 I definitely can't wait to show this off! I can't wait for my family to wake up in the morning and see my creation. I can't wait to get friends over and show it off. In fact, I'll show it off now.... :)
Somehow, I need to be reminded of this one more often. Think I should print this out and remind myself daily that God is super proud of me. I'm His prized creation. Mmm yes.

That's all from this sleepyhead. I figured I needed to get this out before bed or else I'd dream this all away.
Ooh it's 2:10am. Goodnight then.

Love sj xx